Dining Experiences

Food Chariot founder, Chef Amanda Grace, created the underground restaurant Midnight Steakout in London.

Midnight Steakout, a secret, underground dining experience and late-night party, was billed as:

“A truly moveable feast for the senses!”

Midnight Steakout started life as a small pop-up dinner for 14 friends, and friends of friends, on the roof garden of Amanda’s flat in Wapping, London. She cooked simple dinners of steaks on the BBQ, vegetables she grew in the garden, served with cakes that she baked.

Midnight Steakout quickly snowballed into a series of huge, all-night, secret supper clubs, and themed, sit-down dinners, held in various, industrial spaces, for up to 172 people. While at the same time, raising funds for some favourite causes. Partying with a philanthropic purpose.

It was through this experience that Amanda cultivated her interest in bringing people together with good food around a table, into something of an art form of its own. The ‘dining experience’ as art was born.

Midnight Steakout was an early template for what will hopefully become a more evolved dining experience. We at Food Chariot have plans to unleash something equally enchanting, this time with an increased social conscience, onto the unsuspecting citizens of Los Angeles and the world. It may again be a secret. Make sure you are in the know by following our social media channels, just click on the red icons below.