Special Buys; The high cost of cheap food.

By AGraceJohnson In Multimedia

Special Buys. The High Cost of Cheap Food.


This is a story about food. About the ways in which we have become increasingly reliant upon the production of cheap food. About the profit motivated methods and the long term consequences of this so-called ‘cheap food’. About the havoc it is wreaking on the health and welfare of ourselves, those who grow our food, the animals, our communities, biodiversity, and the environment. While this is happening on a global scale, for this piece, I travelled back to my hometown of DeLand, FL to inspect the situation through the micro lens of a small-town community and the effects that cheap food is having there, to perhaps get a grasp of the larger, macro-perspective of the situation.



While the issue of what we choose to eat is a deeply personal one, the effects that the cheap food industry are arguably having are widespread and long-term. Trying to get to the heart of the matter we must ask ourselves some important questions. What is cheap food? Who or what is it hurting? Do those with little income have any choice. Are there any solutions and is there any way to divert this trajectory of doom we are currently on? Is there any hope of optimism for the future?


photo by Russell Lee

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Can the profit-driven, corporate dictatorship currently controlling public interest be subverted, in order for a more sustainable food system to be instated? Can we, as a global society, regain some connection to the natural environment and figure out how to offer suitable reverence to the food which sustains our life on earth, before it is too late?



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