Who We Are and What We Do

Welcome to Food Chariot!

Food Chariot sources the freshest, most luscious and sustainable produce from farmer’s markets and carefully selected suppliers to create the most delicious, nutritious and visually stunning food, designed to delight your senses. We are on a mission to raise awareness of the issues around food, and to see a world where everyone has access to delicious, nutritious and sustainable food.

We have vast knowledge and experience preparing natural, raw, vegan, gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, macrobiotic, Paleo, whole-food, plant-based (as well as ethically sourced meat- climatarian/ flexitarian), and able to cater to many other healthy diets and menus.

As of January 2018, for every meal that we create, we will donate a meal to those experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles, through our friends at Monday Night Mission.

Monday Night Mission, along with their sister organization, The Shower of Hope, has been campaigning to raise funds for the 4400 Project LA, where they have raised $70,000 over the past couple of months by asking all Angelenos to donate just $5 each, to purchase additional mobile shower trailers to offer free showers to Angelenos experiencing homelessness.

Simply by using Food Chariot’s services you are making a worthwhile contribution to the cause.

— Chef Amanda Grace; Founder/Creative Director/Chef de Cuisine, Food Chariot.